Relocation of factories / workshops

The company " Wood-Engine " provides services for the relocation of technological lines, workshops and entire plants. We will organize and carry out the relocation of your production in the shortest possible time.

We don't just move the equipment - we guarantee that we will start it and provide the desired performance. In addition, we carry out dismantling in such a way that later it would be possible to assemble the transported object in a new place as quickly and conveniently as possible: we save cable products, hydraulic and pneumatic lines, we prepare metal structures immediately to the right place for transportation size.

Examples of work on the relocation of factories and workshops

Dismantling and installation of dry sorting boards Gunnarssons

A complete dismantling of the sawmill line, packaging and shipment was carried out. Line of vertical 32 pockets and 5 horizontal. Produced by Gunnarssons AB.

Dry sorting line was assembled from a used raw sorting from Gunnarsson from 1997 dismantled in Sweden and a new section from Gunnarsson - infeed and 2nd floor.

Dismantling and installation of a sawmill

The dismantling of a complete sawmill with a capacity of 500,000 m3 of logs per year was carried out. HewSaw SL200Plus sawmill line, 2007. Sawing speed up to 200 m/min. Feeding and ham line Cambio 600 with Camshift 600. Framtec raw sorting line, 22 pockets. Dry sorting line for 30 pockets.

The installation and commissioning of a complete sawmill brought from Sweden was carried out.

Dismantling and installation of a sawmill

The dismantling of the Invar Person AB wood supply line, with a turn and a buffer for high-speed feeding, as well as the HewSaw R200SE machine, the board separator, the waste disposal line, the sorting sieve, and the Invar Person AB log sorting line. Almab dry sorting line was dismantled.

Performed mechanical / electrical installation and renovation of the control system.

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