Installation and launch

Dismantling and restoration of equipment, installation, debugging and launch

The list of our services includes:

  • Technological design
  • Search for optimal solutions for the production needs of the customer
  • Dismantling of equipment at the seller anywhere in the world
  • Optimization when loading onto transport, minimizing the cost of transportation
  • Customs clearance according to a single customs code
  • Delivery to the customer and installation
  • Electrical installation, commissioning and turnkey commissioning
Examples of installation and start-up of plants

Installation of a sawmill line

Installation and launch of a Swedish-made sawmill line was succesfully done.

Installation of a complex of drying chambers

The installation and launch of a drying complex for lumber 4 x 250 m3 was carried out. New equipment.

Board sorting line installation

Project engineering, design in the direction of "re-profiling of the line for new conditions of the production site" and installation.

Sorting speed up to 120 boards per minute

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40+ lines
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